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Yard Signs

Substrates include cardstock and coroplast.

A temporary sign, named for its most common placement in a yard or grassy area. Accompanied by a thin, metal frame to stick in the ground and support the sign that is sold separately. Yard signs are an inexpensive and effective way to promote your business, advertise an upcoming event, for real estate or political purposes. They are priced by quantity, so they are economical as well as easy to distribute. Coroplast – standard size is 18’’ x 24’’ in a variety of colors. It is a fluted, plastic, weather resistant material with a 1/8’’ steel frame that pushes into the ground with your foot. Cardstock – standard size is 22’’ x 28’’ in a variety of colors. It is a paper material with a thin glossy laminate that is sewn together and slid over a staple-shaped 1/4’’ steel frame. Although similar in price cardstock is less weather resistant than coroplast.